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Client: Pulse Automobiles

Location: Muvattupuzha, Kerala

Category: Car Service and Repair

Pulse Automobiles, a distinguished name in Muvattupuzha’s car service and repair industry, approached my personal web design studio with a compelling challenge – to rejuvenate their online presence. The existing website was outdated, lacked functionality, and did not effectively communicate the high quality of their services. To address this challenge, I embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project that aimed to enhance the visual appeal, functionality, and overall user experience of Pulse Automobiles’ online platform.

Project Goals:
  1. Enhanced User Experience: Create a user-friendly website that facilitates easy access to information and appointment booking, making it a seamless experience for customers.
  2. Modern Design: Develop a contemporary and visually appealing design that reflects Pulse Automobiles’ professionalism and commitment to excellence.
  3. Responsive Design: Ensure the website’s compatibility with various devices and browsers to reach a wider audience.
  4. Information Accessibility: Streamline the presentation of services, pricing, and the company’s values to provide a clear and informative online platform.
My Approach:
  1. Client Consultation: The project began with extensive consultations with Pulse Automobiles to gain insights into their business, objectives, and the specific needs of their Muvattupuzha customer base.
  2. Custom Design: Leveraging my experience as a web designer, I created a custom website design that aligned with Pulse Automobiles’ brand identity. This design incorporated their logo and brand colors while adhering to modern design trends.
  3. Responsive Design: I ensured that the website was fully responsive and compatible with all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers, enhancing accessibility.
  4. User-Friendly Navigation: I streamlined the website’s navigation, making it intuitive for users to find information about services, pricing, contact details, and the appointment booking feature.
  1. The new website design significantly transformed Pulse Automobiles’ online presence, earning praise from their existing and potential customers.
  2. The user-friendly navigation dramatically improved the customer experience.
  3. Pulse Automobiles reported a substantial increase in online engagement, reflecting the success of the website’s relaunch.
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