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Web Hosting

Select a hosting package from hosting service provider or you can host it on our

    Options available for Hosting are as follows
  • In-house
  • Third Party Datacenter Service Provider Or Hosting Service Provider
    • Colocation
    • Dedicated Hosting
    • Shared Hosting
    • Cloud
  • Email Hosting
  • Site Publishing
  • SEO
  • Maintenance
    In-house: Infrastructure required
  • Server Hardware (DMZ)
  • Server Operating System
  • Database Server
  • Router
  • Dedicated & Redundant Internet Connectivity with public IP addresses
  • IT Staff to maintain

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Shared(IP) Hosting
Simple individual website or start up websites with not much of traffic can be hosted on Shared Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting
A server and an IP is dedicated to your web site. E-commerce, enterprise web sites, portals generally be use dedicated or colocation

Your server is co-located meaning placed in third party data center. You will be charged for rack space.

Application availability is of utmost important then cloud is the best option.

Each type of hosting has its own merits and demerits for specific requirement and for more details using the contact form