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Website Production and Publishing

Concept, Objective, Scope, Sizing & Budgeting

We are publishing a site which is an online identity of you or your business. Who is our target Visitors? We need to decide for what category of visitors what content should be presented and what message it need to register in their mind.

In this phase you need to decide what pages and what content should go online and what all information, features & interfaces you want to present to your customer or visitor.

Thoughts just flows when idea or the concept or the objective to publish a web site. Go with flow pen it down every idea crosses your mind. We can later size it depending upon several other criteria’s like the budget & optimum no of page etc.

For eg any web site will have minimum following pages

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Products or Service Page
  • Contact Us
  • Sitemap (for larger sites)

In this phase you need to figure out and should prepare complete blue print of your site before we start working on it.

Please get a quote for your work if you have opted for custom design service.